When you care about your brand

We manufacture car emblems with three different technologies of top coating. We use poluruthane in two ways, either it's applied as a thin film on top of the emblem or domed very thick. The third technology is traditional acryllic top coat. However the adhesion between the layers of ink and aluminum is of moste importance and we have a uniqe adhesion technology, let us tell you about it.


Are you looking for decorative items that create a powerful profile? In that case, a specially produced emblem from SweProd Graphics is the solution.

Model designations, logos, symbols - they can all acquire extra power if they are cast or pressed in metal or plastic. We can give the emblem an attractive relief by increasing the thickness of the material.

Crystal emblems are another solution that usually attracts attention. A thick, crystal-clear covering layer creates a special depth effect that gives a feeling of luxury.

Metabrite Emblems add the finishing touch to your trademark.

Our Metabrite coated aluminium provides inbuilt resistance to extreme environments, whilst maintaining a sharpness and clarity which makes it ideal for your trademark logo.

 Designed to surpass the Automotive testing requirements for exterior and interior applications, Metabrite emblems can be shaped and formed to fit perfectly onto moulded surfaces like airbag covers in cars, grilles and liftgate handles and trims.

We are dedicated to provide the highest customer service level from feasibility review through design control to volume production.