Our quality managment system for quality is buit according to ISO/TS 16949.

We are certified for ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


UL certificate



ISO/TS Certification in progress




Save water with our technolgoy, it's for free!


We have proudly developed a technology to use shower nozzles instead of traditional bath for anodising aluminum. The result is a saving of 90% of water consumption. This knowledge we proudly share to anyone that is interested in our work to help contribute to a better environment. 


We work continuously with 3 areas for improving our environment:

1) Energy consumption (electricity and heat)

2) Water consumption

3) Waist of raw meterial and scrap




The future is soon here, our vision

We understand that one of the biggest threats to our common world is Co2 emissions and global heating. 

To do our part we have a vision where a majority of our staff will use electric cars in 2022. We will during 2015 start building infrastructure and the possibility for all staff to recharge there vehicle while working. 

Solar power will be a major energy source in 2022. Today we are already using wind power as single source most of the year. For electricity we will be Co2 neutral in 2022. 

Due to Solar power most of our systems for anodising will be closed systems in 2022 with no aluminum or salt emissions to the water. 

In 2017 all transports by boat will be with CNG gas to and from our factory. 

Inks and chemicals are rapidly developing and we can already today offer ”Svanen" approved inks.

We have already replaced all oil and cutting fluids to etanol made from organic products.