Decals and lables

Self-adhesive foils allow a unique flexibility when labelling or profiling. By combining different types of surface layer, base foil and adhesive, we can produce decals, labels and decorations with tailored properties for widely different environments. 

SweProd Graphics has got cost effective solutions for decals and decorations, no matter whether you need single colour printing for campaign material or advanced full colour printing with long durability. We are happy to laminate the products if you require extra protection against UV radiation, graffiti, wear, moisture, chemicals, etc. We can also supply written durability guarantees. Post-production work can also include punching, cutting slots or cutting to size.

We screen print or print by thermo transfer, just as you request. If you need labels with unique information, such as sequencial numbers or bar codes, then we design a complete labelling system. You receive a base label on which you can add the additional information. Or you can leave us to look after adding the extra information.

 Sometimes you need a label which is essentially impossible to remove. And sometimes it should be easy to remove. The surface onto which the label is to be applied can have very different properties: flat, uneven, furrowed, "greasy", etc. We use the latest modern adhesives that provideexactly the adhesive power you request.

SweProd Graphics can deliver labels approved according to UL, Underwriters Laboratories Inc., something that is often necessary for sales in the USA.