Industrial nameplates

When you require and have the need for very high standard and durability, perhaps also legal requirement,
a nameplate makes the  obvious choice for labelling. 
Our wide experience of various materials and production methods means that you receive the best possible solution, in whatever branch you are working.

If you are looking for good resistance against wear, heat and aggressive chemical environments, printed aluminium is a good choice. The printing becomes part of the material itself, giving a unique resistance. Aluminium can also be treated in other ways. Coating and screen-printing give unlimited colour possibilities, and good resistance to UV-light. 
We can create essentially indestructible text using embossing or etching.

Stainless steel cannot be matched for maintaining its properties, no matter how tough the environment is. Text and decoration is usually applied by etching.
These parts can be filled with colour if you require higher contrast against the background.


We can manufacture the signs with holes for screws, rivets or similar fastenings, however it's often just as good to use adhesive. Modern adhesives have fantastic adhesion properties and long-life resistance to vibration. Not only that, you also get a simpler and more cost effective assembly in your production.

 If you need signs with unique information, such as serial numbers, then we design a complete labelling system. You can carry out the automatic embossing yourself, or leave it to us.